Fiber Light EDC Kit

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The Fiber Light EDC (Everyday Carry) Kit includes Fiber Light in a small EDC Slide Top Tin, a Fiber Light Mini Ferro Rod, and a Ranger Band.  You can get this kit with or without the PNW EDC Mini Waxed Canvas Pouch.


Fiber Light is an outdoor/survival fire starter made from finely ground wood fiber and wax.  Fiber Light is perfect for those who enjoy Camping, Hiking, and Outdoor Enthusiasts. 


  • Lights easily by spark from ferro rod, match, or lighter
  • Naturally water resistant
  • Light up to 3-5 fires with 1 EDC tin(depending on skill level)
  • Burns 3 - 7 minutes per pinch - plenty long enough to help you build a fire when you need one
  • Made in the USA - Veteran Owned and Operated 

How To Use

  • Grab a pinch
  • Set it under your tinder bundle or kindling 
  • Light with a ferro rod, lighter or a match

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