Fiber Light Nuggets

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These nuggets are large clumps of Fiber and wax that actually come as a byproduct of producing Fiber Light Fiber.  In the past we would gather all of these during packaging of Fiber Light products and send them back into manufacturing to be reprocessed into our regular Fiber Light.  We found that some of our customers were interested in these nuggets so we decided to package them up and sell them as factory seconds.  

These are only available in limited quantities.  We will have some available after production runs here in the factory.  If they are sold out please come back later to see if they are back in stock.  We will post on our Fiber Light Fire Starters Instagram account when new batches of these come available.

Each Bag of nuggets will come with a different amount of nuggets ranging in size.  You might get several small nuggets, or just a few large nuggets.  The larger the nugget the longer the burn time.  Burn times of these nuggets should range from 10 minutes to upwards of 30 minutes depending on the size.  All of the nuggets should be easily lit with a strike from a ferro rod.  

If you are interested in a bag of nuggets and you see that they are in stock I would encourage you to buy them while you can because these will often be out of stock as our quantities are rather limited and wont come back online until the next production run.