Fiber Light Fire Kit with Mini Ferro Rod

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This small kit is what we recommend most for first time buyers.  It is a small affordable complete kit.  It comes with our natural fiber fire starter and a mini ferro rod to light it on fire.  This is the perfect kit for first time buyers to give you everything you need for up to 20 fire starts(depending on how much you use).  There is no shelf life and will never expire.

Fiber Light is an outdoor/survival fire starter made from finely ground wood fiber and wax.  Fiber Light is perfect for those who enjoy Camping, Hiking, and Outdoor Enthusiasts. 


  • Lights easily by spark from your Mini Fiber Light Ferro Rod
  • Naturally water resistant
  • Light up to 20 fires with 1 tin (depending on skill level)
  • Burns 3 - 7 minutes per pinch - plenty long enough to help you build a fire when you need one
  • Get up to 800 strikes from the Mini Ferro Rod
  • 120db whistle
  • Made in the USA - Veteran Owned and Operated

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